How to avoid Epson C61 Waste Ink Tray Overflow?

How to avoid Epson C61 Waste Ink Tray Overflow?: Extra Epson Waste ink pad, Waste Ink Pads Counter Reset, Waste Ink Pads Overflow

How to avoid Epson C61 Waste Ink Tray Overflow?

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Have you ever met the problem called the Waste Ink Counter Overflow in Epson printers? This is popular issue in Epson series, the Epson printers have the Waste Ink Counter that used to calculate the waste ink flowing into the Waste Ink Pad.

When the waste ink is full as well as the Waste Ink Counter is more than 100%, the Epson printer will stop to ensure the safe of the printer. You can see the red lights blinking continuously and “The Printer’s Ink Pads are at the end of Their service life. Please contact Epson Support” shows on the screen.

In case the printer is new, the Waste Ink Counter will be installed to reach 100% before both the waste ink tray and the waste ink counter raise up.

You can see on our website, we provide the WIC RESET UTILITY software so you can reset this problem by yourself when the Waste Ink Counter come back to 0%, the printer will go on working.

However, this error is completely done in case your Epson printer is new one, the Epson C61 printer’s waste ink pad will not be overflowed. If you don’t clean the Waste Ink Tray after the first resetting process or your printer is old, the waste ink can be overflowed into the Epson printer and make the printer dirty or can make your table soiled and it is the reason for damage of Epson printers.

In order to reset the Waste Ink Counter you need to take all the waste ink out of the tray then use the skills to open the printer.

To solve all the problems, you should use WIC RESET TOOL regularly, you won’t need to collect and clean up the waste ink and your Waste Ink Pad is not able to overflow waste ink.

How to void waste ink counters and waste ink pad overflow.

We should find out the rule of working process of the Epson printer’s Waste Ink Counter in order to prevent the Waste Ink Counter from overflowing.

What is waste ink counters? Waste ink counter overflows?

1. What is Epson C61 waste ink counter overflow?

Epson inkjet printers have inside a part of sponge for absorbing and collecting waste inks. It is called waste ink pad.

Waste Ink Pads are a number of porous pads in the inkjet printer that collect, distribute, and also very importantly include the ink that is not used on printed pages (Waste Ink).

Waste Ink is collected by these pads during the initial setup of the product, during cleaning cycles and when printing borderless photographs.

While printhead cleaning process ink flush through printhead to waste ink pad. So one time it could be overflowed because it could not absorb ink anymore after that the ink will leak from the bottom of the printer.

The printer counts how many ink flow to waste ink pad and keeps this amount into printer’s memory ==> This number is called Waste Ink Counter.

+ To stop ink leaking outside the Epson C61 inkjet printer the waste ink counter could be overflowed and Epson C61 printer stop.

+ Full counter is 100%. Waste ink counters overflow means that counters values are more than 100%.

To make Epson C61 printer printing again – You have to RESET the Epson C61 printer Waste Ink Counter (Read more to learn how to reset epson printer).

2. How to know that your Epson C61 printer waste ink counter overflow?

+ Your printer red light blinking

+ Your printer LCD screen or computer screen appear: “The Printer’s Ink Pads are at the end of Their service life. Please contact Epson Support” or “The Printer’s Ink Pad is at the end of Its service life. Please contact Epson Support”.

=> Read more

+ It is very easy to check Epson waste ink counters with WIC Reset Utility.

Step 1. Download WIC Reset Utility Tool here: Download WIC Reset

Step 2. Run WIC Reset Utility, Click on READ WASTE COUNTERS button:

Step 3. Watch the message. If one or two counters are more than 100% (overflowed) – you can not print – you have to RESET WASTE INK COUNTERS number

3. How to fix Epson C61 waste ink counter overflow?

Step 1: Download WIC Reset Tool and install the WIC Reset

Download WIC Reset here

Step 2: Buy the WIC RESET KEY

==> Buy full WIC Reset Key

Step 3: Reset your printer with WIC Reset and WIC Reset Key

+ Connect your Epson C61 printer to computer that you installed WIC reset utility. Connect your computer to Internet.

+ Follow this instruction and reset Epson C61 printer – Read how to reset Epson C61 printer

=> Tips how to avoid Epson C61 printer Waste Ink Counters overflow: Read here

How to avoid Epson C61 printer Waste Ink Pad overflow?

You are using Epson C61 printer and have the problem with the waste ink counter overflow. After you reset, the waste ink still overflows so this post is the hack for you in this case. The Epson C61 Printer is not the same other so you can find the waste ink pad laid in different location.

Before starting with the detail steps we need to find some information about the ideas: As we know that the waste ink of the printer is constructed to flow into a wire pine to the Waste Ink Pad then they are collected by the sponge in the Waste Ink Pad, this make the waste ink not to overflow out of the Epson C61 printer but the sponge has the limited absorbing ability so when the sponge is not able to absorb the waste ink, it’ll overflow.

You can use a bottle to contain the waste ink instead of replacing the Epson C61 printer’s Waste Ink Pad or collect the waste ink from the Waste Ink Pad.

Follow these steps to know more and apply them:

Step1: Checking and opening the cover of the Waste Ink pad:

Let’s turn the Epson C61 printer then find the cover of the waste ink pad. It is small cover od the printer.

Open the cover and you can see the waste ink’s tube and the waste ink’s sponge in waste ink pad as the picture below.

Then you can realize that the Epson C61 printer’s waste ink pad is larger than the gate to go over the waste ink pad you have already opened, so you must to disassemble the shell and this way needs to be done carefully. You will not be able to fix it by yourself.

Let’s see the step 2 because you can’t always open the Epson C61 printer to clean the waste ink pad or replace it.

Step 2: How to separate the tube from the Epson C61 printer’s Waste Ink Pad.

You can see the Waste Ink Pad of the Epson printer and the tube, you had better use the tool to separate the tube afrom the waste ink pad. Please clean it carefully to avoid the broken-down.

Be gentle and careful to avoid folding or cracking waste ink pipes of Epson C61 printer.

Step 3: Tidy the waste ink tube and absorb the waste ink out of the Waste Ink counter, you can use a cylinder to suck the waste ink that is the remnant in the tube of the Epson printer.

You must to absorb the waste ink from the sponge in the Waste Ink Pad, if your Epson C61 printer is new you can skip this step but if it’s old one, you must to clean the Waste Ink Pad to avoid overflowing waste ink when you move the printer. The waste ink can flow to othe oponents and make them dirty or broken down.

By this way, don’t worry about the waste ink overflowing when you don’t use the bottle to contain the waste ink. However, you need to check and suck the waste ink regularly so I think you should use a bottle to collect the waste ink.

Step 4: Install the waste ink Bottle:

– You have the glass or plastic bottle.

– A tube is the same size as the the tube of the Epson printer.

– The connectors.

You can see in this picture to know how to install and assemblr all the component together to avoid the Epson C61 printer’s waste ink pad overflow.

Now you can try printing some contents and check the waste ink flow into the bottle or not.

When the bottle is full of waste ink you can bring it to pour then clean to use again

Notes: This bottle is a long-term solution, if you want to use this convenient method I think you should reset the Waste Ink Counter by using WIC RESET TOOL (Download here). It’s extremely professional.

Thanks for your seeing page “How to avoid Epson C61 waste ink pad overflow”.

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